Forest Argent 
Enactment & LARP

If you are willing to step 
Widdershins around the old oak...

Salutations brave wanderer,

Ever considered exploring fey worlds? 

Dancing between the musket balls of a steampunk skirmish?

Fighting grim monsters or immoral villains?

Dancing the dance of oriental honour?

Being the everyman in a world gone mad?


Welcome to the Forest Argent web site, dedicated to high quality community larp, with excellent plot written through 20 years of experience that spans several genres and invites participants to shape the landscape in which they play.

We run day events in both Exeter (3rd Saturday of the month) and Southampton (1st Saturday of the month) with four weekends throughout the year up and down the country. If you are new we have plenty of kit that can be borrowed and crewing (a fine way to learn the system) is always free.


To find rules and an over view of the various worlds that the Forest Argent spans click here: ForestArgent

If you would like to catch up with us on Facebook as well, we can be found here: ForestArgent larp

Before I finish I would like to thank a few people, though I can never give enough thanks to all the participants who have made the events great over the last few years, special mention should go to the committee who work tirelessly, to those who photograph: Katherine, Ella Baily and the excellent: Arinarayne, not to mention the exception work of Beth Joyce in helping make the events this year so visually stunning. 

Have fun folks.

Gideon Lawrence



Day Events:
Free for First Timers
Free for Crew
£10 for Members
£15 for Non Members
Weekend Events:
Free to Crew
£70 For Non-members
£60 For Members
Discounts: £10 for: First weekender/bringing a new person (if you are a member)/unemployed.
Additional: £5 in the 30 days before the event, or £10 on the Gate.

£25 for 12 months
£5 discount on day events
£10 discount on weekend events text

10% from the WyvernsTales store (click for link)

£150 Membership

£150 for 12 months membership AND to play three weekend events of your choice

£5 discount on day events
£10 discount on weekend events 

10% from the WyvernsTales store (click for link)

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Friday, Sep 2 at 12:00 PM - Sunday, Sep 4 4:00 PM

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